Fisher ARCHitecture produces experientially rich buildings that are sustainable and affordable.

We are totally committed to design quality and unique in that we work on only two or three projects at a time. Fisher ARCHitecture has become a recognized advocate for quality, contemporary, Pittsburgh Green design.  When clients want their buildings to speak to Pittsburgh, yet connect to buildings being built around the world, they come to us.

Because you communicate directly with principal, Eric Fisher AIA, LEED AP as the design process moves forward, your goals and objectives are thoroughly understood. You simply won't find a principal of an established firm elsewhere who is committed to this level of personal involvement. This process creates less overhead and allows us to provide more architectural services for the dollar.  The resulting designs are a testament to the value of this arrangement.


Apr 13, 2016 New Dunmoyle Avenue Design!

Here is our new SquirrelHill Pittsburgh addition, featuring greenmaterials and LOTS of light!

New Dunmoyle Avenue Design!
Dec 16, 2015 Becoming a Millennial

This weekend I visited Chicago to check out the Architectural Biennial. Late Monday afternoon, we checked out of our Airbnb and headed out to O'Hare Airport via Uber. I was just setting up a Tweet that would include a couple images of the displays when it occured to me that, age not withstanding, millennial is catching... From left to right: Rem Koolhaus at IIT and two David Adjaye projects.

Becoming a Millennial
Nov 9, 2015 River House Construction

Yesterday we reviewed the student work of noted CMU prof and dFAB Director, Jeremy Ficca. Today we met with contractor John Cummings and engineer Chris Kim at the River House site, where the steel is up!

River House Construction
Nov 2, 2015 Walkable Glass Ceiling

This week we designed a walkable glass ceiling for our Dunmoyle Ave. addition! As well, we attended a remarkable design lecture at CMU by former sci-arc head, Neal Nenari.

Walkable Glass Ceiling
Oct 19, 2015 Convention Center Canopies & Roofs

This week Eric has been designing canopies and green roofs for the David Lawrence Convention Center as Iliya, Chase, and Joe have been detailing our projects. And, oh yeah, our Prairie House design won a 2015 Pittsburgh AIA Award of Excellence!

Convention Center Canopies & Roofs
Sep 28, 2015 Susquehanna Art Museum & Shadyside House Tour

Last week, we visited our "Susquehanna Art Museum" show, where the "River House" and the "Emerald Art Glass House" are currently on display. Sunday, close to 1000 guests visited our 5743 Kentucky Ave renovation at the SAC Shadyside House Tour. This week, our Vandergrift Community Center is the feature project on the AIA Pittsburgh home page. And yesterday, Eric lectured at the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks apprenticeship program.

Susquehanna Art Museum & Shadyside House Tour
Sep 21, 2015 Pittsburgh Design Gallery Crawl

Thursday night, we attended the Green Building Alliance gala. Friday, was the Pittsburgh design exhibit on the gallery crawl, where two Fisher ARCHitecture projects are on display. Below left, Bea Spolidoro, Matt Diersen and Ben Kelley check out our boards. On the right, Fisher ARCHitecture interns, Chase Kea and Ines Yupanqui chat with Lena Alghamdi.

Pittsburgh Design Gallery Crawl
Aug 24, 2015 Edgar House Material Selections

Published just this morning here on the Pittsburgh AIA site is my essay on the new role of an architect. Below are pics of the new Edgar House with the finalized materials selections.

Edgar House Material Selections
Aug 10, 2015 River House Construction Process

"River House" construction is well underway. Here is a link to Sinan Goral's well-written, insightful blog documenting the construction process.

River House Construction Process
Aug 3, 2015 Italy Trip

Eric was in Italy the past week. Scarpa's "San Vito Cemetery" was on the "Fisher ARCHitecture" must-see list.

Italy Trip
Jul 29, 2015 Looking for Waterfront Property?

Happy July 4 everyone. If you are a homeowner or developer and are looking for properties on the water, I know of two spectacular, affordable sites in Tarentum just twenty-five minutes from downtown... For more info, click here!

Looking for Waterfront Property?
Jun 8, 2015 First Boathouse!

As a rower, I've always wanted to design a boathouse. Finally I got my chance! With this design we added two bedrooms and a bay for kayak storage to the unused existing ground floor of this traditional Oil City river house.

First Boathouse!
Jun 1, 2015 Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest

Will this Fisher ARCHitecture drawing win the 2015 Architectural Record Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest? We'll soon find out!

Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest
May 25, 2015 Ryder Henry at the Mattress Factory

The show of talented Pittsburgh artist, Ryder Henry's impressive work (below) at the Mattress Factory Art Museum has been extended till June 26. Also, we enjoyed Hal Saville's recent lecture on EIS Solar passive house power at the Green Building Alliance. Last but not least, Justin Uzarski visited the office the other day to tell us about Mitsubishi Electric's newest green cooling and heating products.

Ryder Henry at the Mattress Factory
May 11, 2015 UDream Program

I am proud to be hosting UDream intern, Chase Kea, this year. The program recently won the 2015 AIA National Diversity Award. Here is the Carnegie Mellon's Press Release. And here is Architect Magazine's Interview with Don Carter, Director of the Remaking Cities Institute.

UDream Program
May 4, 2015 Pittsburgh & History Landmarks Foundation Talk

Here is a link to the introductory text of my May 7 Pittsburgh and History Landmarks Foundation talk at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center. Thanks so much to Louise Sturgess and Karamagi Rujumba for the opportunity to present my ideas!

Pittsburgh & History Landmarks Foundation Talk
Apr 6, 2015 Pecha Kucha Night

Here is the link to my April 9th Pecha Kucha Night presentation at the Carnegie Museum of Art cafe, which I just posted on my Fisher ARCHitecture blog!

Pecha Kucha Night
Mar 23, 2015 AIA Young Architects' Forum

Thursday evening, Fisher ARCHitecture hosted an AIA Pittsburgh Young Architects' Forum mentorship event in which three experienced architects joined Eric on the podium to relate experiences from when they were just getting started. Here is the event podcast and here are more pics.

AIA Young Architects' Forum
Mar 2, 2015 Edgar Bathroom & Sink

Today we interviewed potential summer interns through the CMU "Urban Design Regional Employment Action for Minorities" program. Below is a just-designed bathroom and sink for longtime clients, Bonnie and Randy Edgar, out in Sarver, PA.

Edgar Bathroom & Sink
Feb 2, 2015 Finalist for Pittsburgh Urban Design Project

A lot's happened in the last month. We updated our profile on Houzz, obtained a new "tiny house" project, and have been cranking ahead with the River House. Our 513 Court Place project made it safely through CDAP and the Planning Commission. Also, teamed with "Environmental Planning and Design", we are a finalist for an interesting Pittsburgh urban design project with a housing component. Below is a cool pillow we just purchased from Julia at "The Shop" in East Liberty nestled in my living room.

Finalist for Pittsburgh Urban Design Project
Dec 1, 2014 Edgar House Stair Construction

This week, as Paul Bahn and Iliya Jordanoff became acquainted with their new Fisher ARCHitecture projects, John Cummings and Randy Edgar installed the Edgar House cantilevered stair treads.

Edgar House Stair Construction
Nov 17, 2014 Iliya and Paul Return to Fisher ARCHitecture!

We are happy to announce that talented former Fisher ARCHitecture teammates, Iliya Jordanoff and Paul Bahn, have returned to the Studio, where they will be collaborating on a variety of new and continuing projects. Iliya also designs sets for Central Catholic stage productions and performs with a local Bulgarian dance troupe. Paul has recently returned home from Colorado, where he worked as a designer and an artist. Last week we bid adieu to intern, Mary Thomas, who will soon be returning to India with her husband.

Iliya and Paul Return to Fisher ARCHitecture!
Nov 10, 2014 Edgar House Stair Detail

It can be both interesting and instructive to trace a detail like this just-fabricated-by-Edgar-Manufacturing "Edgar House" cantilevered stair tread from conception through construction.

Edgar House Stair Detail
Nov 3, 2014 We Are Hiring!

WE ARE HIRING at Fisher ARCHitecture. Email us if you have an architecture degree, possess between two and six years of experience, and are interested in working at a small, progressive architecture office. Below is an image from the excellent show, "Breakup", at the "James Gallery" in Pittsburgh's West End Village.

We Are Hiring!
Oct 13, 2014 CMU & Carnegie Museum Lectures

The lectures at CMU and at the Carnegie Museum have been particularly strong this year. Along with Josemaria De Churtichaga, and Sebastian Errazuriz, the image below shows the amazing work of Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto, who spoke this week at the Kresge Theatre.

CMU & Carnegie Museum Lectures
Sep 8, 2014 Furniture Design

We are continuing to design exciting pieces of furniture for our clients. Here, a Portugese cork clad, Fisher Architecture designed base and backrest, ably constructed by Justin Lacey at Day Shift Furniture here in Pittsburgh, supports two Kjaerholm replica lounges by Modern Classics. The glass vessels are by Kathleen Mulcahy.

Furniture Design
Sep 8, 2014 Shadyside House Tour

All the work we did preparing for the Shadyside House Tour was worth it. Well over a thousand people visited the Fisher ARCHitecture home/office yesterday! Thanks to everyone who helped out. We really appreciate it...

Shadyside House Tour
Sep 1, 2014 River House "Light-Box"

Here are a couple renderings of our in-design River House, showing our first take at a corner "Light-box" that would shine across the Allegheny at night.

River House
Sep 1, 2014 The Mattress Factory Art Museum

This week we visited the Mattress Factory Art Museum, where we attended an opening featuring new work by talented Pittsburgh artist, Ryder Henry.

The Mattress Factory Art Museum
Aug 18, 2014 The Pedunculosa Planting

The Pedunculosa Planting: It sounds like the title of a Frederick Forsyth thriller. In reality, it's the hardworking folk at Gardenalia installing a Chinese Holly I acquired from the talented Irwin Studio landscape designer, Jim Lampl.

The Pedunculosa Planting
Aug 11, 2014 Tree Pittsburgh

We're helping to green Shadyside: This week we canvassed for Tree Pittsburgh in Shadyside with Christine Graziano, Jay Podolsky, and Lisa Haabestad, among many others. In the end, our group submitted a community application to the City with thirty three tree requests!

Tree Pittsburgh
Aug 4, 2014 Pribanic Renovation

This week, intern, Nathan Lutz, and the Fisher ARCHitecture team presented Victor Pribanic with the evolved schematic design of his soon-to-be-renovated downtown law offices. Check out the new design here!

Pribanic Renovation
Jul 28, 2014 Edgar House Process

The foundation of the Edgar House has now been constructed. This week, even as we are still finalizing the window schedule, contractor, John Cummings, will begin the wood framing process. Here is a link to a new series of computer generated project renderings!

Edgar House Process
Jul 14, 2014 Shady Ave Magazine

The excellent Fall issue of Shady Ave Magazine is now out. Many thanks to editor, Nancy Johnson, and photographer, Melody Farrin, who thoughtfully profiled my home and business.

Shady Ave Magazine
Jul 7, 2014 Zero Energy Prefab Prototype Model

This week, interns Kathryn Karl, Hannah Dobos, and Mary Thomas have started our Zero Energy Prefab Prototype Model.

Zero Energy Prefab Prototype Model
Jun 30, 2014 3form Install

On Tuesday, Joy Van De Velde stopped by to talk about 3form surfaces. Here is intern, Hannah Dobos, installing a 3form panel in our office bathroom.

3form Install
Jun 23, 2014 New Allegheny River House Sketch

And here is a cool sketch of a new house we are designing on the Allegheny River for Cyd Stackhouse and Dr. Robert Bergren!

New Allegheny River House Sketch
Jun 16, 2014 Pribanic and Pribanic

Here is the first look of the facade renovation of the "Pribanic and Pribanic" legal offices. Now we are beginning work on the lobby redesign!

Pribanic and Pribanic
Jun 9, 2014 Edgar House Southwest Corner

This week we worked with owner, Randy Edgar, contractor, John Cummings, and engineer, Chris Kim, to resolve the Edgar House Southwest corner.

Edgar House Southwest Corner
Jun 2, 2014 Fisher ARCHitecture Summer Staff

On the left is my summer staff at rest. (from left to right: Jared Andrzejewski, Mary Thomas, Kathryn Karl, Hannah Dobos, Eric Fisher, Nathan Lutz, Nouf Aljowaysir, and Jonathan Shakt) To the right is a shot of us practicing "Green Roof Maintenance".

Fisher ARCHitecture Summer Staff
May 26, 2014 Merging Media Project

This was the week Jared Andrzejewski completed the physical model of our cool Merging Media "anamorphic projection" project. And here is a new project rendering by Nathan Lutz.

Merging Media Project
May 19, 2014 Christine Frechard

Tuesday evening, we stopped by Christine Fréchard's wonderful Squirrel Hill gallery for a glass of wine. There, Christine spoke of her love for red wine, France, and the painting 'Anapurna', by Antonio Puri, which she is currently exhibiting in her space. As we sipped, Christine was kind enough to purchase a hand painted box from a softspoken Ukrainian visitor named Yuri, who explained he was raising money for his ministry.

Christine Frechard
May 12, 2014 Jan Loney

On Wednesday, at 1:30PM, super-talented local sculptor/artist,Jan Loney dropped by the Fisher Architecture offices to discuss public art in the city. Then at 2:00, folks from the cool hardware company,Hafele, stopped by for a half hour to talk about their new products.

Jan Loney
May 5, 2014 Allegheny Riverfront Site

Here is the site plan of a new home we will be designing on the Allegheny River in Morningside!

Allegheny Riverfront Site
Apr 28, 2014 Tenth Grade Office Tour

Friday, Cyd Stackhouse brought a group of her tenth grade North Allegheny Intermediate High School students by for a tour of the office and a talk on what it's like to be an architect.

Tenth Grade Office Tour
Apr 21, 2014 Radiant Heat Glass Furniture!

Although the week was peppered with design reviews and evening lectures, for the most part we spent our days in the office on the computer honing the Edgar House permit set drawings. And here is the video of my latest talk promoting our line of radiant heated glass furniture.

Radiant Heat Glass Furniture!
Apr 14, 2014 Designs for Mayor Bill Peduto

Here are two recent projects I designed specifically for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto: On the left is my recent winning design for a new Pittsburgh bike rack. On the right is our Walnut Street solar panel array design for Culloden Way, next door to American Apparel.

Designs for Mayor Bill Peduto
Apr 7, 2014 Tensegrity Table Prototype

Thursday evening, we traveled to the Carnegie Museum Theater for a lecture by the noted sculptor and tensegrity inventor, Kenneth Snelson. In 2013, Fisher Architecture built our own tensegrity table prototype, shown here, with the assistance of builder and architectural intern, Marc Delissio.

Tensegrity Table Prototype
Mar 30, 2014 RG1 Radiant Heated Chair

Thursday evening, I lectured at Pittsburgh Filmmakers on the "RG1" for Pecha Kucha Night. The RG1, as I mentioned Nov 4, is our prototype of the world's first radiant heated chair. Click here for a link to the presentation, which we have published on our Fisher Architecture blog.

RG1 Radiant Heated Chair
Mar 23, 2014 Pittsburgh365

This week I wanted to give a shout out to Greg Coll and Doris Short at the Pittsburgh AIGA , the professional organization for design, who held their annual awards event, "Pittsburgh365", on Friday. FISHER ARCHitecture is proud to have close relationships with the leaders of Pittsburgh organizations that promote the Arts.